Earwig Invasion! Why Earwigs Love Your House and How to Get Rid of Them

Earwigs generally stick to foraging for pollen, small insects and plant material in gardens. However, during the hot summer months, they may seek out a cool, damp place where they can cool off from the baking temperatures outside. Unfortunately for you, this sometimes means that your house becomes quite the attractive prospect for a colony of earwigs. Once they locate a suitable environment within your home, for instance, one that is cold, damp and dark they use pheromones to attract other earwigs.

Thankfully, earwigs won't crawl into your ears and eat your brain. That is a myth. However, they will breed, and so it is imperative that you remove them as quickly as possible.

Eliminate Their Habitats 

As mentioned earlier, during hot days, earwigs seek out cool, damp places in which to shelter from the heat. A good form of prevention is to deprive them of these places. Keep areas around the foundation of your house as dry as possible by removing plant pots, stones and vegetation that may be in contact with the foundation. 

Keep Mulch Away from Your House Foundations

Similarly, don't allow mulch to build up close to your foundations. Leave at least 2-3 inches of space between the foundations and mulch as this is the ideal habitat for earwigs and can lead to an infestation. 

Seal All Cracks and Openings

As earwigs almost always invade from the ground up, your ground-level windows will serve as entry points if any cracks or holes in window screens are not sealed. Be sure to install adequate weather stripping on doors too. 

Use the Vacuum

Vacuuming earwigs is an effective method of elimination. Make sure you track earwigs to their nests too and vacuum up the nymphs and eggs too as earwigs can lay up to 50-90 eggs at a time. 

Trap Them 

Fill a tube, such as an empty toilet roll, with straw or grass and seal one end. Place this in the area where you believe the earwigs to originate from, then every morning remove the tube and either dump the contents into soapy water or outside far from your home. 

Keep Them at Bay with Vinegar

Earwigs can't stand vinegar. Rub vinegar along the areas through which you suspect the earwigs are entering your home, such as windows, doors or cracks and they'll avoid these areas. 

Call in the Professionals

If you find that you are unable to nip your earwig problem in the bud, your best option will probably be to have a pest inspection from a pest control service. Usually this consists of a single visit which should be sufficient to deal with the earwig infestation for several months.

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