Helping your senior relatives to feel safe at home

Elderly people can feel unsafe in their homes, particularly if they have recently had a break-in or home invasion. As the elderly can be seen as vulnerable targets by criminals it can make sense to upgrade security at home. Here are some ideas. 

Security screens on windows and doors

One of the most common ways for criminals to access the home is through unlocked doors and windows. If your relative can still answer the door behind a locked security screen, this also makes them less vulnerable to home invasions as they cannot be rushed from a random caller. Equally, lockable window screens mean that they can open windows to allow fresh air into the house to help cool down on hot summer days. 

Locked windows screens and doors can also help to keep patients with dementia and similar cognitive delays safe and remaining in the house. If your senior relative (or their partner) has dementia, it can be easy to leave the home and forget to close the door behind them when they leave the house, which can make the house less safe. 

Personal security alarms

Personal safety issues in the home are not limited to the time that you are physically inside the home. Home invasions can often occur when the householder is outside their home and attacked on the path and then forced to unlock the house. Having a personal alarm which is often worn around the belt or the neck allows people to activate an alarm and get help sent to their home. It can also be used for medical emergencies. 

Keypad access

Keypad access to the house, rather than a traditional key, can also be a good option to increase the security of the home. Whilst codes can be shared, especially if used in combination screens, they can be a valuable addition to the security of your home. In addition to the normal entrance code, the homeowner can also be given a distress code that opens the door but also contacts an emergency service (such as the police) to come and assist the homeowner. 

If you are looking to help an elderly relative to increase their home security so that they can continue to live an independent life with confidence, you should contact a security company. They can review the home layout and lifestyle of the owner to give specific ideas about how to optimise home security for your relative. 

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