Safe as Houses: When to Change the Locks to your Home

How often do you change the locks to your home? Most people will only change them if there is a faulty or broken lock on their door or if they are the victims of a break-in. However, these aren't the only times you should consider changing your locks. Here are a few more situations when it is a good idea to start thinking about calling in the locksmith.

Loss of keys

If you lose your keys whilst out and about--even if it is only for a short period and they are found or returned to you--it is always a good idea to change your locks. As, even in a short space of time, people are still capable of taking a copy of the keys and thus potentially gaining access to your home.

Old locks

If you have old fashioned or outdated locks, it may be a good idea to get them updated. Key technology has advanced a lot over recent years and many homes now have electronic locking systems. An old fashioned, simple lock is easier to pick or force and, if yours is the only door on your street with this simplistic system, you may find yourself more of a target for thieves. It's always a good idea to keep up to date with the latest security and locking systems to keep your home as safe as possible.

Crime spot

If there have been a high number of burglaries in your area, it may be time to consider updating your security. Upgrading your locks is a good idea, possibly adding further locks to particularly vulnerable areas such as the back door. It is also possible that potential thieves have been 'casing' your house and familiarising themselves with your security before attempting a break-in, in which case a change to your locks will set them back.

Unexpected guests

If members of the family or friends have been able to gain access to your house without permission, perhaps with a spare key you didn't know existed or just by climbing through a window it's time to think about updating your security. There will be vulnerable points in your home, such as inefficient window locks, outdated french door locks or an easily forced lock to a side gate. A locksmith should be able to come out to your home and go through any potential access points with you. You can then take steps to make these areas more secure.

If you need to change the locks on your home, you should contact any of the locksmiths in your area.

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