New Home Builders | 3 Smart Strategies To Plan Your Kitchen Design When Building A New Home

Building a new home is a good way to create a personalised space that you and your family love, but you have to make numerous decisions before you can finalise what you really want. Every room must be carefully designed to ensure that you establish both aesthetic value and functional appeal from it. Follow these winning strategies when you work with new home builders to plan your kitchen design.

Integrate Ample Storage Zones Into The Kitchen Design

When working on the kitchen design with architects and new homebuilders, you mustn't discount the importance of storage needs. Kitchens typically hold tons of stuff –– from cooking utensils and cutlery to spices and condiments. Items like food processors, mixers and rice cookers tend to be bulky and need plenty of storage space. So, finding a place to store these appliances can be tricky, unless you plan properly. Consider adding cabinets, drawers and pantries as part of your quest to remove clutter from your floors when planning your kitchen design.

Plan A Kitchen Design With Plenty Of Ventilation

Your kitchen is subject to high levels of heat, moisture and odours from cooking, so ventilation is a key ingredient when planning your kitchen design with architects and new homebuilders. Even if you have a stylish kitchen floor space, you will not enjoy the space when you're faced with noxious smells. A good ventilation system will enhance indoor air quality and will ensure that your kitchen remains cleaner. Consider incorporating range hoods, exhaust fans and large windows for good ventilation in your kitchen when planning the design.

Get A Kitchen Island To Create An Entertainer Space

If you're looking to create a modern cooking space in your new home, then a kitchen island is the perfect addition because it not only arms you with more storage, preparation and entertaining space. This allows you to entertain guests effortlessly while you continue cooking or preparing meals. But kitchen islands can take up a significant amount of space if you don't plan them properly. For instance, your kitchen island should not obstruct seamless flow between the fridge, the benchtop and the stove because then you will have a tricky time navigating through your kitchen floor space. When planning the design, make sure the kitchen island is created in a manner that allows enough space for people to work and move around them.  

If you're looking to plan your kitchen design when you build a new home, consider these smart strategies when employing architects and new homebuilders.


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