Why the Asbestos Management Plan Should Be Taken Seriously

As a real estate developer, you have a duty to make sure that your premises are safe for humans to live in. Reducing exposure to asbestos is essential for protecting human health and meeting some legal requirements, including the possession of the asbestos management plan.

Before embarking on any property development project, be sure to have an approved asbestos consultant to carry out the asbestos risk assessment. If asbestos is detected, the asbestos consultant will come in and help you make the asbestos management plan. Here is why this document can be helpful:

Proper planning and management

Knowing the quantity and condition of the asbestos in your building alerts you to act by putting in place the risk control measures. You need to discuss the procedures with your asbestos consultant about how you will handle the risks to avoid any danger. After thorough checks and inspection, the consultant will then prepare the asbestos management plan that will guide the process of controlling or removing asbestos materials.

Guidance in managing asbestos

An effective asbestos management plan guides in situation monitoring, keeping alertness and detailing the asbestos removal or control process. You cannot decide to jump into removing asbestos without first understanding it's quantity and the control procedures that you will have to be put in place. So this plan lets you decide in an effective way without errors.

Keeping records of checks, location and condition of affected materials

The asbestos management plan helps you in keeping detailed records that might be of good use in controlling asbestos in your building. Such records are beneficial to any efforts undertaken to prevent asbestos exposure, control and removal. The plan also includes details about where the asbestos containing materials are found and their condition.

Adherence to legal requirements

There are local regulations that govern the asbestos checks, control and removal processes of asbestos. This is done to protect the lives of the people who might come into contact with asbestos containing materials. There are some laws stating that all buildings that were constructed before a given point in time be checked for the presence of asbestos. If your building falls under this, then the asbestos management plan is needed.

Creating awareness

If asbestos is detected in your building, a communication strategy has to be formulated by the asbestos remover/contractor. This helps you to plan how you will effectively communicate to the occupants and other personnel who will access the building for repair, checks, etc.

Reducing the exposure of asbestos is not only essential for helping you meet regulatory standards but also protecting the lives of those who occupy your building. It is your responsibility to ensure that your building is safe for occupation and that any possible presence of asbestos is prudently dealt with. For more information about making an asbestos management plan, contact a local asbestos removal company. 

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