Liquid Vs Bait Termite Treatments

Many methods can be used to rid your home of termites. For instance, baits or liquid "termiticides" (insecticides) can be used. This article explores how each of these methods works. It also discusses some of the pros and cons of those methods. Use this information to help you select the best method for protecting your home against termites.

Termite Baits

Bait stations are placed outside the perimeter of a property in order to detect and treat termite infestations. The baits can be made from a type of wood that termites are attracted to. The baits contain chemicals that inhibit the normal functioning of different systems (such as absorption of nutrients) within the termites. Infected termites transfer the active ingredients in the bait to other members of the colony that didn't forage within the baited area. This results in a slow extermination of the entire colony. The biggest advantage of this method is that it can be used in locations where the risk of environmental damage is a real concern, such as close to underground water sources. The method also acts slowly so termites may never become aware of what is killing them, hence they will continue to forage in the area having the baits.

The key disadvantage of this method is that it takes a while to kill the termites. Thus, termite damage may continue as the baits take their toll on a colony. The bait set up has to be monitored even after the termites have been eliminated. This is because it does not provide residual treatment, so it is easy for re-infestation to occur.

Liquid Insecticides

Liquid "termiticides" (insecticides) require the homeowner or pest control personnel to dig a trench around the perimeter of a home. That trench is then treated with the liquid before it is backfilled. The backfill soil is also treated. The liquid treatment may be repellent or non-repellant. The repellent liquids kill any termites that are exposed to them instantly. They also have a chemical signature that termites find undesirable, so they avoid that area. The non-repellent liquids are slow acting and termites have no idea that they are foraging within a treated area. Thus, exposed termites will spread the treatment to other colony members. All will die once the liquid takes effect.

Liquid treatments (especially non-repellent ones) form an effective barrier that eliminates an infestation. The liquids also remain active for several years, depending on the particular brand applied. Some liquid treatments (repellent ones) give immediate results, so there will be an immediate halt to termite damage on your property. The downside is that liquid treatments can contaminate the environment, such as water sources. Drilling is necessary to treat your property. This can be costly since professionals are needed to do it safely.

Talk to a pest control expert in your area so that he or she inspects your home. That inspection will result in a determination of the best termite treatment to deal with the detected magnitude of termite infestation.

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